Comfort in numbers – splitting the difference
Failing to train the talent
A parting word – the absolute cast shadow wherewithal to this
Insinuating silly little What-If suggestion!? Number-crunching heavily within
The farthermost reaches of his bothering nocturnal brain, which shall, perhaps, subconsciously sit itself up-straight and … improper … til none too strenuously taming the inner beast of his preordained being.
This sixth-sense insinuation of his, the decimal-point facsimile with a face for mathematical industry.
A wonderful, warm reaction – matter of satisfaction – from Pi. Oh my, this autistic boy has borrowed a piece of each of our lessening abilities and set them upon fire all over the place.
Clear cut and to the cradled core at being decidedly ingenious, rather riotously Real.
A passion piece
A jolt of imaged brilliance strikes whilst the iron is set fair tepidly against the largest parts of his numerical landscape.
Living vividly, visually, inside aforementioned brain.
It appears to be an emotional roller-coaster associated with these rarefied numbers.
Extraordinarily misplaced, he tips to touch the taste which lies comfortably between his insatiable lips … and this appears to be
The linchpin which starts to begin to spawn a brand-spanking new sort of side-ordered research
Altogether – all together now.
Analyses nothing, answers everything …
Welcome to The World of Roundabout Genius, wherein these child prodigies of ours don’t even need to think for themselves any more than we do …
One-hundred-and-thirty digits in five-minutes – what the fuck just happened there!!? When this undiluted genius wrestles with spectacular disability. And wins.
One way or another – absorbing the recall of a lifetime, quite literally … midst a million-dozen double-dosed instances.
Motherfucking B-r-i-l-l-i-a-n-c-e.
And yes, the level of intelligence is draining at constraining the rest of his life, At Large.
But he would not have it
Any other way
Because that silver-lining is forever fighting. At being matter-of-fact miraculous.