If we wilted inside of wallflower=survival technique then we’ll have admitted to ourselves to’ve been cruising inside of starry-minded territory (anyhow). It’s been breaking itself down and colliding time again –

At a maximum-mental-level of Surviving AmidsT utter upside-down denial. “She’s a smile-and-a-HALF away from purely-pAradIse as we JUST MIGHT roll another hopeful ‘joint-for-life’ and call ourselves

Really welcoming people with middle-fingers for fists behind our RotAtInG-for-SomEoNe backs. Hacking into someone-else’s state of interpretation really is — “a strangely Unsettling feeling of having been…”

Deniably happy actually, as she wilts some more in most peoples minds and tries for == “calCulAtEd conundrums please.” These passive people with fostered disinterest – “a need to nurture AND sTreSs to a Capable AND COPE-ABLE degree… .” When excellence floAts its own boat anyway, as their game of lAvIsH-fACED charades prepares itself for total

Realisation… “maybe?” If they made us go ManIc then We Made Ourselves Become Mag!C and with no REAL A) or B) choices for us to ManaGe AND understand..

When we… ANYWAY… held our own OCD Hands “and winked in the face of {seriously} tasteful aDVeRsiTy.”