She will speak at a pace now of prioritised bliss, will kiss these heavenly features of his ‘Til

He’s been brought brightly back – to that alternative plACE of, actually, inesCAPABLE INUNDATION

Yes! The date Had been SeT at a Quarter-To-Who-Gives-A GovernmEnTaL-fUc*(!!), Actually.

And why, but because they have managed to c-a-u-s-e their very own personal sense of

Endless atrophy: of ANY thing which an inunDATED mind should bring (with it: the WITS have been sp—-LIT! And sizeably…) times-too-many for most (OF US) to MANage at

Imagining. Let ALONE to hAnDlE(…) and it HAS been coming at aforementioned pace of oblong miscalculation

Just m(other) effing sensational, what these dIlApiDaTeD doctors and Neanderthal nurses have failed to see: she’s been thinking… .. and trying like wIlDfIre to rein it all in.

There ARE miracles of the mind and, then, there IS SHE… confused and STILL bReAtHinG
Needling these words together— whatever(!)