Of course people wanted him to get better
But his addiction kept grabbing at his heels
Like a pedophile swiping a poor and defenseless child
With ease
However hard he might try the fall to earth was harder
Made his two children cry a copious amount of times
Had to go about pleasing himself first and foremost
Toast the good times when the came along
Accept all of the blame when they went away
He had nothing to say as soon as he wrapped that wire round an unused vein
Letting the heroin win one more time
His eyes rolled about their sockets
Fell from his bed, heavy-headed
Ready to empty any friend’s pocket
Desperate times, desperate measures
But he was also a treasure when things didn’t bother him
Worked hard at whatever job he had
Stayed healthy what with visits each morning paid to the gym
His wife had no life really
Although she knew she had to remain forever steely
Because this was always going to be there
Clean for two thousand days
A badge to prove his worth, his willingness to keep away from his demons
Remain here on earth
But he slipped somewhat, took an overdose ’til his body numbed
Toes crumbled, face turned gross
And the coffin was shut so as no to hurt the young ones
They bade farewell to their father in the summer sun of ’09