Purely circumstantial consequences and over-addicted drug addicts who substantiate for their mineral taxes, live their miserly little best lives
By any misshapen and miscreant manner that shall irrevocably both have and handle ‘em – harangued to the edge of deathly death and it’s all of it been financially acting up yet again

Plainly, none-too-substantially

So very suggestively soon as when … … he drags her body of broken bones up, over and back earth-shatteringly a yonder

The scattered glass of yesteryear’s red-ribbon-accorded pantheon of slipping people …

Only ever to be intimately addressed by the stranger nature of their favourite-worst addresses
These are the homeless people with a common courtesy – a delectable curtsey, however skillfully pained-both-painted painfully …

Up-inside the weight of their favourite-worst membranes, wherein the desire for desirability “lies” lividly beneath

These homeless shelters which live ‘n’ let breathe vividly up-inside of their kaleidoscopic minds