Irrevocably it’s been this mere meandering of thing – it’s.. seemingly also BEEN an Also-Ran habitat which canNOT but

Care to cater for these- doses of non-supportive people.. they kNOw their Neanderthal names, even when they say

ALL of the wrong things. “Do not sing to them, please.. E-A-S-E yourselves away..” dividends will PaY(!!)

Erased from your mind and memory and find: time to have its very own sense of indelible secrecy. Indeed. “What we do need is NOT to stand and think about it anymore”
E The VERY next stAGE of delivery- thoughts that REALLY ALL ought to wish for themselves to f-e-e-l.. .. …

This is always REAL, and she doesn’t EVEN mean to feel it for a fee of

Utter freeness —