I really don’t know what to say
Inspiration right now very hardly second-to-none
But in my own particular way it does seem to have continued to come on out of me
In something of a heartbeat – some will even go so far as to pay-it-forward and say it to be quite eerily God-given
Nutters, the whole lotta them, yet you don’t get to see me complain
Decisions, decisions…
Nope, not all of them though, been told so much in fact ten times over
Few will dip a toe, others more inclined to turn a shoulder
Colder than but quite alright
Lend me the kinda line that has undoubtedly sent the less hardened poets out there bi-polar side of sober
“So very much out of touch with reality!”
Ah, but isn’t that exactly the way that it is meant to be!?
Nonetheless, seems I’ve strung myself along rather nicely
An eager necessity to wholeheartedly impress
A little naive in the very beginning, perhaps, but that most probably all part of this peculiarly intriguing parcel
And now it does seem I have been wrapped oh so preciously albeit momentarily still a work-in-progress
So feel free to open on up to see what you might just get
Fret not, for I will be rooted to this God forsaken spot for a helluva long time to come
Continuously strumming, drumming up the courage to meet you right at the middle

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