They were designing something deliberate and doing it at.. improbable & professional=faced pace. Were even better than before and that’s utterly OkaY(!)

“Way we see it, we’ve gone and done it amidst this cold~turkey and brand new deMEANour of y(OURS) actually.” And it was something… rather judgeMEntal and MenTaLlY barb-wiring On Our L-i-f-e(.)

“When they did need US the most, that’s h-o-w(?!) the effingHELL it ALL actually happened — frightfully fitting and certainly this …

“Enchanting” thing: of having all the tables laid-out INSTRUmentally ahead of US, indeed.”

Set. To. Seed = “yeah we ******g needed to b-R-e-A-t-H-€.. .” As if the whole-wide-world wished never to ask us any other questionAGAIN, AND in u-t-t-e-r anticipation of

Yet ANOTHER upside~Down
Answ€r(!i!) When the necessity to remain incalculably cReAtIvE MEant everything – and that HaPhaZArd grain of sand played its own idyllic Hand, annnnnnd these people BURST their brains to: “Be Here(… … …)”

to sit— with the *Prioritised~people who prepared it all for them in the 1st place

*patient and utterly understanding legends