You’re the daughter I never get to see
Because they stole you away at the drop of a hat
While I sat impatiently, fastidiously waiting
Nine-months of pain and now the agony will never wane
Enough pills to still a most ferociously unkempt night, for a while at least
Oh the utter disdain that pours on out of me, coursing like a disastrously tarnished sea
Running, sprinting on empty
Told me nothing, smothering one mother’s lifelong dream of holding a child
While her better half clasps a hand, those memories get milder with each day
Draw them to a close, please God? Or else I’m afraid I may just be forced to join her again
Air thinning
I don’t listen, won’t learn because I made no damn mistake
Every time I see your clones out there, playing on our street, my stomach crumbles and churns before I have to watch my entire mind quake
All over again
I dream of you smiling just one more time, that freeze-frame/mind-click sparkle in your eye
We will find a way