If we mollycoddled the life right into them again then we’d wanna really change the way we interpret these livid seething Neanderthals, please. We’ve rubbed them UP THE right way actually and established a state of

Endless, ENNNDLESSSSS… “apologies – as lightweight as they all are and will be.” She’s travelling across the landscape inside of her inescapable mind of many… … and bringing her layabout mind to a great place of total

Decorum ANYWAY. And perhaps we really haven’t been interesting anyone else ANYMORE in our Neanderthal and nincompoop thoughts these days. “She’s seen the way it displays itself to all of the wide-alive MONDAYS in the whole wide world … and ached for

Alarmingly Neanderthal misbehaving’s please.” Next thing we know she’s

Stopped at being a vagabond desire… … and riled herself UP TO TAKE yet another shot at a whole-wide-alive literary history of – wanting AND WILLING: “to know absolutely ******* nothing.” God bless and goodbye, the apple of her baby-blue eye