God, we could have been beautiful – rather enigmatically manageable and fair mildly magnificent, albeit undeniably fruition-filled. Can the mere, eager makings of the early-am. and its Maniacal movements really well and truly creatively amount ..to all-out impenetrable Golddust!!? Just
Manageably matter at making magnificent and mere, eager meaningful sense yet again


Equals to play=pretend

“Genuinely, right now, the more I try and fuck it up – the words in the ‘wrong places’ – the better. Way much better in fact! Like I have given myself some sort of leeway, as a gift for the six-year hard-slog since I started. Allowing all-out play with each an every word imaginable. Less sensical sense the better, too, I reckon. For now anyhow.. The way I see it, I did my real college degree in literature over this six-year stretch. No ribboned paper, perhaps.. … actually, to hell with it!! Scratch that entirely. I’ve even got to wrap personalized poems for people in ribbons, so it’s all good. Just a little different is all. And what on earth are you thought to be by the masses if you really truly wish to become a writer in life?” – P.art