These looks won’t hurt one bit but they do bring with them a fair degree of faded animosity – both a good thing and a bad
Sad to have to see you parade these stubborn pins to all ‘n’ everybody
Should I really have strapped myself on in?
Let the whole thing unravel… I mean, when were we ever so much as happy!?
I watched you from afar, on a par albeit, needless to say, you have surely had your day
Burnt out with no real place to go, yet my crucified mind does indeed tend to return to this painstaking face all over again
Scene of the crime
Distaste atop a jaded element of no such cop on whatsoever
We never, ever learnt to take what’s great from something oh so very cruel
No tools to replicate age-old magic – our romantic endeavour now but a forlorn tragedy of sorts
We ought to have known better, having set the bar far too high altogether
Remember when we were sent to take the whole thing on
Way. Back. Then.

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