This thing – a wondering, we’ll call it – about whether or not drinking alcohol can either affect or enthuse an artist’s creative ability. I dunno. I mean.. if it’s not flowing somewhat from somewhere inside of your brain-box already then that’s where the trouble might just start. But as for an artist already soberly wIrEd to a thousand moons? Well, you’d probably wanna be taking your sweet time with it; although, with a crowd around you, dancing about and what-not – pre-Covid-19 times – there is a case to be made for an utterly inexplicable level of thought-process occurring. With this.. you can do one of two very opposite things, I guess. Either a) you drink on and await the helluva head-throbbing hangover the next day, or b) simply leave-off once the creativity starts to spill minus your conscious attention. I dunno. I’d be really interested to see how this… wondering(?!) works for other artists, etc. Doesn’t have to be an artist either, of course. Personally, and a fair few years back I do recall being on a night-out and, in walking home afterwards on my own, I literally couldn’t stop my mind from sprinting through a… ‘poem’. Very, very, very strange experience now, that I think about it

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