Alex choked the pen, attempting as best he could to breathe some sort of a desperate like back on through it
He was going absolutely nowhere and he could feel it all – in the copious mugs of instant coffee which kept him all the more alive for all of the mundane shit, the rank-average stuff
The dates with his ex-girlfriend, the improper sexual acts she had recently been asking, no, begging him to perform
Was she bat-crazy?
That was what really shook the life from him more than the rest these days because he was, after all, or at least longed to be, a simple man
His cigarettes were, if he thought about it a little more, and he sure as hell owned the time, his lifeline
His head was all over the place
Fair’s fair, he’d thrown himself on the scrapheap all by himself
Nothing fair whatsoever about his current situation though
To add to everything else his boyish good-looks seemed to be seriously beginning to fade and people could see it too
Heck, he could see it in how they reacted to seeing him every other day at the park during his strolls, his mother-fucking INSPIRATIONAL walks!! – a whatever kind of a man or so it did now seem
A whatever with a hard-on, a lust for nothing in particular
He sucked his millionth cigarette and wished for divine intervention
Only ever religious was Alex Corduff when incredibly willing to do anything to beg to alter his agonising plight

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