If they even did anything then they drove themselves supposedly conspiratorially mad and bad and Damn Dastardly indeed, they seem

To’ve done the damn dastard nastily bEst thing actually / to stay the bitter distance whilst the rest of us

Notably digress and to the point of pragmatic ParalysiS(?!) It’s a step in the correct, and it’s been a definite sense of sensing all the

Right things probably- and if there’s a line in the sand then they drew their very own in the

Damn well… blood thick masterpiece; it wasn’t easy and it wont’Ve been anything except for utterly

Fickle indeed; we pull ourselves in anD throughout to feel that amiable amount of having done the

Feat and LANDED steadily on our FEET+in the end… anyway. It isn’t hard to say that we’ve been

Broken into a million utterly individual pieces of brought back together… Mesmerisation actually. And that, for each epic individual, will NEVER BE maTcHed for bravado