Precious and talking as though even the most alarmingly nonsensical stuff would soon start to make exceptional sense
Of itself

A problematic girl, a decidedly unrequited boy will twiddle and distantly fiddle with his rolling, rather unashamedly rambling ambidextrous thumbs til conversation colludes to comfortably collide

A wilting red rose rises softly between them

Begging for far better
And here we appear to have a delicately perpetrated case of romantic meaning
All of it caught playfully amidst eagle-eyed awareness – these juvenile smiles
Unknowing and serendipitously shared between a pair of doe-eyed people

Carefree and mild at first
Before these gently robust mannerisms gather and gain and lend themselves jovially toward a prolonged state of exceptional stare, that freeze-frame gaze which bargains to belong
To settled forever

And they prepare themselves all over again to set a magnificent bout of knock-out memories on its way to lifelong portrayal

Piercingly collaborative and nobody said that it would be particularly easy, this notoriously unattainable thing
Even if everyone says that it will remain our all out hope aside strenuous gain – a treasured presence appears to mean everything sincerely special

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