Lovely day at Orela’s with Aidan, Andrew, and Kelly, etc. for Ali’s beeday on Tuesday. Had some nice food and chats and what not. No one understands the OCD, or what’s more, maybe, is that I get really frustrated trying to explain its levels of mental anguish and toil and bombardment of the mind when people tend to bring up their own things on a mental note. And how they tend to recover time and again, whereas with OCD it’s kinda all the time for the sufferer to a huge extent. Then I get frustrated when these people seem to have chosen to hang their every conversation nearly on “how to feel okay.” It’s just… too irritating and cyclical to have to listen to and hear and, what’s more, entertain as best I can or can’t, and especially for someone with a chronic mental illness. And maybe I should let myself be as frustrated with it as I wish because, well, it’s not what I wanna spend any of my time doing any more than never before – wasting more and more of it on the subject of mental health. Just home, spin from Andrew and catching the end of South Africa v. Romania: 76-0 to S. A. 🤩 Gonna chill for the evening