All about being in the mood, having the right kind of attitude
To make the rhyme work, went to Clon the other night with a mighty fine friend of mine, caught a precious looking singer/songwriter’s tunes
With pints of Carlsberg on the side, the conversation went swimmingly, hangin’ out back of De Barras but it was impossible to hide from the irritating underachiever who believed herself to be an overachiever
Won’t mention her name, neither will I his ‘cos none of you need know him
We’ve partied hard in the past, had one too many a memorable blast
He bought a CD, got the singer Christine to write “three fingers” on the back, didn’t need to ask, all about a drinking game with his good mate from Skibbereen
A man who supposedly went on nine dates to the Debs
Will send this onto him, see what he will say
Pray that this is one poem that manages to make his day
Thinking about it some more, two mighty fine men, chameleons who can party hard as well as dull it down when needs be, when dining with friends
Boys who well and truly know how to set the trend
The latter told me I use the same words too much, and the more I read them, I do see that I’ve been using these words for a crutch
‘Crutch’ is one such word but I really don’t care
Then there’s another one – ‘absurd’
And that’s what it is ‘cos I think I know what I’m doing although the constructive criticism is invaluable, he’s only looking to help me out, and he’s one burn the candle at both ends mother f….. who I can and will always rely upon to pick up the phone and give me a shout