With a sense of withheld intelligence she shall softly reimburse this thirst-laden canvas once more: blank and decidedly blameless at first albeit equally able to prepare its very own sophisticated fable …
Of self-aware masochism when placed detrimentally alongside these searingly sophisticated instances of fiercely felt feminist aspect, perhaps: Oh, why the hell not? May we eventually get to gently both inevitably causing a carefree yet sincere-most and pragmatic sense of enigmatically imbalanced requiem

To f-i-n-a-l-l-y flourish and (equally) proceed.

(Is to) mightily unwind, unravel and majestically begin to make this lifelong thing f-e-e-l as though generously tended both gathered and graciously implemented toward/$

Some thing that can-both-shall start to feel

Somewhat a (little) bit more like as though born-to-be

Beneficially s-u-r-r-e-a-l (this time) –

And, pl-EASE (Christ this time)!! (Alas) can we not let it all resolutely remain – blessedly poised and at a (prioritized and predetermined) pace of purely precious industry and by miraculous way of mammoth make-believe

For it to SOMEHOW!! this simply should have suitably remained: Undeniably kind upon a one-thousandth eye, meant for entire emancipation this time?

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