It is this decision made, that they’ve all, indeed, been acting ably over the TOP

And absolutely sarcastic- the traits and tricks AND unenviable aimLESS TIcs which they make —-

To take our pulsating bReAthS aWaY, from this particular place..

Of homespun WorSHIP: these peculiar pEoPlE were actuALLy ALL-OF-THEM born- utterly equipped and

Stressing themselves out TO THE MAXIMUM AGAIN… and to e-x-a-c-t-l-y the correct extent of abruptly upset(!!!!)

Hellbent… and, PERHAPS, -SENT UPon… … what WAS IT again?! Being these… plagiarist AND self-disguised individuals who WILL(!)

Prepare themselves (just so V-E-R-Y well) to dUeL tO ThE dEaTH – until… … …

THIS envioUS little thing(tip of the iceberg that it is) BEGins to make

Nice and mediocre sEnSe(aGAIN…) By God, aren’t these best-kept-breaths just the most wonderful thing on this hurtling eARTh(.)