I do watch you, when least suspecting – an undeniable thirst to see you breathe atop these terrifically harrowing days
I pray for a far better existence to unfold in your altogether discretionary direction, when these rather problematic interruptions of yours can somehow, anyhow, manage to interrupt their very own lonely procedure
‘Til succeeding in finally leaving you entirely alone
Prone to smoking myself into a God awful tizzy, freeze-frame bouts of altogether justifiable delirium when you so very much as permit me some kind, any kind, of an interjection, albeit typically unrequited as such
Correct me if I am wrong, but perhaps you have been searching for exactly this all along?
I’m willing to be the fire in your veteran belly even when all hell does tend to break loose
So what if I am only half the man you might need right now, seems time can indeed work all kinds of wished for wonders

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