I’m not the only man on out there
Far, far from it, in fact
I don’t want to break this too you but I’m just not that charming
Sure I know how to talk the talk
But far more so when it comes my particular desire to set unquenchable fire to my page
I can, and will, take these emaciated, constipated in their very own right models – like ’em ‘n’ leave ’em
Trodden upon entirely
All in aid of my delicious pen – far smaller, far more begotten
No kind of rotten swimming in there
Not unless I take it upon myself to kiss this peculiar poison from the inside farther out
No real choice than to relatively do so
Trust me, it is oh so very, as I say, delicious
Time again
When real men showed their every honest worth
Squirt me with your best shot if you might like…
I dare you

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