She will take all of everything on
These peculiar things she seems to be oh so very outrageously willing to do
Actually few and far who get to sit right by her pretty albeit lonesome pew for too long a time
Nothing but in-betweeners the whole damn lotta you
Sip outrageously so from her one particular cup of outright deliciousness
She can and will both fill and ply you aside, in and around carefree ammunition – Surround sound altogether
When, oh when did she just become so very downright respectful
To a nation otherwise filled with glorious bullet-holes, personalities void of any sort of pink ended animosity
Our loss, certainly not hers
Least in one manner of speaking – Trust us, Sarah ‘Emily Dickinson’ can and will tweak these things ’til becoming loop-hole significant all over the place
One for the girls
Holy shit, ’twas always the fair blonde and beautiful ones who asked for this

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