The mind game is over
Barely sober, at least up inside of my own head for awhile
A most unbelievable feast
And then, my friends, the unanticipated famine
Addled and unable to drop the pretence
Not. One. Bit.
That smile, it really did have to fall eventually
Quench itself entirely before ever giving me the real eye
An ego about to explode, implode, then so much as explode all over again
Hardly normalacies, albeit utterly run of the mill
Oft than not you need a goddamn pill of sorts to stave off the burgeoning mind-prison
Sentence which invites you on in, before spitting you right back out, wits pending
Each to their very lonesome own, or so it does indeed seem
Ain’t too much about the other person either
Not. One. Bit.
In fact, may as well be a dummy in particular instances for the false surroundings you will force yourself to partake in right from the beginning
All over again
Just me and my beautiful, albeit topsy-turvy pen
Oh yes, never, ever blame the messenger!

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