With everything, anything going on about the place she puts on her face first thing in the morning, makes a little love to her boyfriend before walking on out the door to work, grabbing her favourite vanilla latte along the way
As soon as a few too many people recognise her face from the billboards overhead, they give her the thumbs up, have their early morning say
On with her day, forsaking all of the problems going on about the place
A beautiful face but it really wouldn’t matter either way, she says what she sees, makes sure that she manages to please those closest to her, not afraid to show those far less expressive than her the door
Lunchtime is simply sublime, she getting to relatively wine, dine with her peers, no worry when it comes to making the next great mistake, no need to ever be sorry
Home time comes along and before she knows it her face is removed and now it’s all about pulling herself from those unjustifiably expensive Louboutin shoes
Her boyfriend, sick to death with keeping up with the trend when it comes to his own job, lobs a few sausages, rashers on the pan, throws on a movie, does some panning out all of his own
Great to be home with his woman, feet up, hands down, appreciating the most silent of silences to be heard for miles around
No church bell, no such necessities necessary, nothing to quell
Just so long as they’ve turned their mobiles off, otherwise they can look forward to a million and one asks on other people’s part, too many tasks to handle