What they had done is utterly this far-reaching thing of

Unimagined(yet imagined it stILL IS) pain; as A Fair pecuLIAR m-e-n-t-a-l hurricane came — to b(REACH) them at the surFACE of sureFIRE denial —>

“Yes!” Their magnificent mIndS(and SmIlEs..) haven’t EVEN been capable ANYMORE(..) of finding the turn-of-tImE
To gently t-u-r-n themselves OFF-Again, “plEASE..”

… What they HAVE-to-have w-i-t-n-e-s-s-e-d within ((the deeply recesses of)) their sickeningly Recycling bRaIns is: N-E-V-E-R, not EVER going to be

— > PROperly eXplainEd for its whole W-I-D-E and aGoNizEd(!).. HURT, actually

even IF. The visual description were Problematically portrayABLE amidst this—- >>

Unbeknownst(AND knowing!!) level of MentaL-AND-mEaNdEriNg dErElIctIon. And yet, they w-i-l-l pick themselves UP times-a-THOUSAND Uglyfaced afterThOuGhTs-


E-n-v-i-o-u-s-l-y bring this turnover of tragical and TheAtRicAl happenings To the mentally fixated DeRanGeMent of these

Dying to BreAthE a-GAIN people; “who t-r-u-l-y DO have no need to feel

Fucked-UP AND ON UTTERLY poised PURPOSE(?!!?)” (anymore..)) Adore them, please..

… beCAUSE they DID do this
Especially for We: to underSTAND the meticulous Scrupulosity Of One Brain Put To The flame 🔥 And all of it for what exactly, you might ASK…

But for an eleven-year-old Boy to INEVITABLY dAnCe a-GAIN..

– “WiTh THE enthusiastic NATURE Of his UnDeniAble IMAGINATION!!” Brave? “Holy FUCK, YES!!!”