He stood on over all of these things, entirely opting upon choosing a brand new route
This cancerous cigarette could go kill itself, blind attitude find a surefire way back
The flavour just needed to be otherworldly
He will stand still ’til casing the whole haphazard joint
Anoint himself incredibly able, handsome and taking all of it in
A mesmerising din with these quixotic words if needs be
Finally amounting to almost everything, bringing what’s utterly deserved to his particular mid-twenties table
A fable or two seemingly never hurt anyone
Monstrously charming and now was the absolute right time to show it
Heck, so very much as know it
Cloak and dagger, perhaps
The rather perfect lapse in momentary Upper Manhattan concentration
When one Eli Ross demonstratively crossed his white knuckles and prepared himself to grin  and bear it
Welcome young man to the ride of your life

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