These coffee-stains do tend to remind me, softly stubbed-out John Player cigarettes settled all of their own accord, when you and I got to disguising the atrocious pain via all kinds of illegal misgivings – we can only ever blame New York City’s ability to deceitfully steal a person’s downright everything – a.m. and p.m. submerging ’til one, this crazed and sinking feeling just will not shake itself off
The snow-white powder tempting our each and every screaming vein says it all really
Amounting to nothing when they promised us all sorts of everything
By the heightened end ’tis absolutely true, we could barely even coax ourselves to sing – trimming the bespoke outer layer in an altogether haphazard, self-fashioned manner which does indeed beg belief, just had to differ didn’t it?
On the seriously manic skids…
A serendipitous wish dangerously placed atop a rather disastrous foundation coated in utter distaste, seems these naturally given singing sensations are finally beginning to thin themselves right out – frowns painfully puppeteered ’til aligning themselves all of the way upside-down
I might be smiling but these eyes will be all too justifiably crying when taking to that soon-to-be dismantled stage
When the rage turned out to be all-encompassing, a little earth-shattering in fact

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