Almost there
I’ve been trying to get there an entire lifetime
I need to keep on keeping on
Remain focused
Stronger than strong
Stronger than the strongest fucking ox
‘Cos regardless of the above time will keep on ticking
I’m happy to say the anxiety has finally started to slow its pace down
Things no longer completely unfixable when it comes to my fear of all
It leaving me utterly red-faced
It seems I’ll always walk this tightrope of mine
Living in constant hope I don’t fall
Fall & my mind goes back inside the gutter
A darker than dark, colder than cold place where I find it impossible to dislocate, relocate
My particular mental shutter
Stuck in a rut like no other
Personality relatively dead
Feet-dragging myself about the place like a zombie
Indescribable pain sprinting at pace through the imbalance in my head
Every time I begin to think too much
I need to slow it right down
Recall the mental strain
Substitute something far more positive for the mental pain
I’ve got a tear in my eye
Because the better I get the more I remember
The never-ending fret
I can’t even begin to tell you what it was like
I had, still have OCD
The absolute fucker will never stop trying to alarm my mind
With one of his/her dreadful spikes