Do I remember it?
Hell no, far too atrocious an experience for my brand new brain to ever get, let alone want, to go back there
Seriously, I was utterly lost, getting by one day to the next on luckless travails as opposed to a wing and a prayer
Slayed entirely
Fire in my belly perhaps, but nothing quite works when your head is wedged so far up your own arse it’s almost laughable
I never laughed though, couldn’t
Hell no
The frustration was, hand on my heart, second-to-none
I can’t even begin… to begin to imagine it
Thank the Lord above!
I was pushed and I was most certainly shoved, all up inside of my addled head, of course
Honestly, right then and there I may as well have been dead… fed to the roaming rats
After all, someone, anyone, everyone, needs to be fed
All with our very own race to run
Go back there again? No. Thank. You.
Distance will always and forever have to remain my only chance
So as it turns out, I somehow, anyhow, God knows how, managed to beat this – by an holistic man’s professional reckoning one of the worst cases of anxiety he may have ever seen
If you were to ask me this, am I happy with my lot right now?
Then hell yes, I have to be