“Ladies & gentlemen… Brian O’ Driscoll”
It’s what everyone wants to hear
Acknowledgement that comes with your craft
Or am I wrong, altogether daft
Are some people happy to do the mundane thing in life
Marry a long-term girlfriend, have 2.4 children
That’s it for them
A family, a wife
Hard to know although this is not what I want
Tied down, no longer free to galavant
Or would I be?
Let us see
How would it feel to make it big
So big you have to walk around unrecognisable
In a funny ol’ wig
Are my literary dreams too big?
Do I need to take a load off in dreaming small
Like my mate over the road, name’s Paul
& he loves to spend time with his girlfriend on weekends before returning to the oil rig
“Find your dream, any dream, big or small…
Make it the biggest, most flamboyant dream in the world”
That’s what he said to me over a few too many beers one night
I thought he was talking utter tripe
But this is it
Am I the one pressing a gun to my head
You see
This thing called writing has me up all night mulling things over in my God damn bed