Dilapidated coffee shops outdated by unofficial outcasts – these thorn-thistle people who simply wish to vehemently attempt to estrange themselves yet again

When, though? Need to know it!

Midst improperly proper misconduct, indeed = She borrows to previously breathe and he shall fullyfuksake finally get to fully see

One way or ten-thousand-another manoeuvrable instances setting her snail-pace trend gently against sophomore sail…

And she smashes mightily on-through the fibres of abstaining glass as he fair simply, fair enthusiastically has to ask – To free himself to take his favourite-best sinking-pill with thee, pl=ease




All of his malnourished thoughts serenely set rather pristinely against

A manically pressed. stressed, jovial-faced flame – Which can constantly catch rigorously-both-exploratory, oft than not explosive fire

Yes, they do indeed say that there is

A solidified science to sprinting thru’ paper-glass windows

With our windswept eyes scraping painstakingly against

Our essentially pragmatic tears

And the blinking-winking fear can gently-both-gainfully attempt

To tear them back together