The addiction to sweet pristinely dereliction appears rather Real, rather thankfully EYEOPENING and eagerly portrayable

These fingers have been to feel tens of thousands of… billions of things- outlandish for their every worth (on earth) and brought bountifiably back to-literary-gether to emotionally HuRt

This blue-blade-body of think-out-LOUD READERS: “of dutifully imaginative and INSTANTaneoUS attention to rigorous d-e-t-a-i-l” –

Avidly avoiding a peripheral reality and w-i-s-h-i-n-g, wishing… WisEly WiShiNg
To feel

Almost damn-near EVERY (little enlargified) THING, which slips-both-SkIpS from the pen

PRESSED avidly within, this particular author’s merriment hand

Left, as a matter of confidential FACT(!) and… Drilled to Within an inch of his boundlessly SuggestIve Being

And waiting, WAItInG.. goddamn downright WAITING… … … for these universal literarySoldiers

To smoke and smoulderAt the swiftly flicking of his next InesCAPABLE pAGE.

This war with words was W(aged) on pur(POSE). A dragon’s breath, a man MADLY UPSET 🐉 🔥

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