Are you bullet proof?
Because you do indeed appear to be, a little or a whole lot otherworldly in a sudden instance
You took the chance to betray all of us, just the way it needed to be
Seemingly untouchable – your crutch was altogether deceptive, gloved in utter disguise
Quenching a thousand such questions ’til still a million-and-one otherwise trembling hearts
These sociopathic lies truly were a step above
Push to shove you let yourself entirely down – in ways that will be relayed to all and sundry and all over the world
My eyes will continue to cry ’til a time when you get to tear yourself apart all over again and go at it from a different angle altogether
Weren’t you just an utter circle of crazy deceit
Christ, how we, each and every last one of us, bowed at your feet once upon a lie

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