Simply put, this is an exception to all rules- a time consuming Ultimatum which shall-BOTH-CAN sooth its own scintilLATEd sense of depersonalisation and all other angst-arisen instances of people with bleeding BlIsS

… TwIsTeD ‘til determinedly EMBLAZONED Passionately UPon their smile/HAPPY face$ somehow.

Only that it does INFACT appear to be… …

That to g—-e—-t t—-o t—-h—-e ACTual other-side they will N-E-E-D to TwIsT any such egg a thousand much ways until- –

Sunday BECAME MONDAY became HIGHLY separABlE again. From the rest

Til… it ALL became… a Dostoyevskian kind of DaNcEPaRtY which carries with it

NO such SHAME whatsoever anyMORE!!

Because, AGAIN… their wits are comedically SpLiT whil$t their EyEs APPEAR TO BE

W-i-d-e o-p-e-n-i-n-g AGAIN/ And ready to “SING!”

Like a songbird in desirable distress

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