Two dozen free range eggs cartoned off nice and precise
Bulked outright about-to-be sumptuous upon the gloriously stood, all too welcoming centre-aisle table – where everything just seems to want to breathe all of its own
When the Teflon frying pan – one of seven, of course – a little further on over begins to get to smiling
There’s the precise part right there
Adamant entirely upon your piling these about-to-be delicious homegrown vegetables fair temptingly in place
Where everything is looking to cook up an altogether feast
How we always long to see an all too enveloping hug shared fair magical and momentarily
Between an away-from-home lonely college student daughter and her relatively refreshed mother
All courtesy of kids fleeing the nest, the bond remaining oh so constant and alarmingly strong, nonetheless – set alight by the fragrant culinary aroma which finally lets itself seep nearby
All eyes upon the real prize right now, however – homeward bound
Where every single seemingly small thing amounts to a serious degree of something
There’s the nice part right there
And then the about-to-be juiced steak interrupts, takes centre-stage
Waging that most flavoursome war they were all promised in the first place

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