Just a word to submerge the insanely exceptional… …
Blue background – cold shots – callous creatures with fist for fingers
A bulbous pub creeps both crawls uppermost against… the gentlemanly sloth both meanders and festers neat(ly) nearby – the weight, the silken shape of a neanderthal cigarette
Fret not for these men, these born-again people multiplied by ten – over-invested drinkers, UNpardonable Christians – are a dime a dirty “dozen more quartz of welterWEIGHT whiskey pl=ease!!” to shake his system DRY, to manage at making the dastardly devil Go Away SOME DAZE so soon
Same very one which sings both sullenly sins (SWIMS) repetitively within = his jaded Ruby Redhead. Cranium strain welcomes itself to another portal dressed dripping in kindly depression [- about to deliciously digress so as to inordinately impress: these fallen and failing racists
… Fist for motherfucking fingers again!!!
The powers who fail to feed him (anymore)
When she meant everything sentimentally exceptional
When she got playfully perfect before the word wrongfully reinvented itself (yet again)

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