Taken away from my family, deceived and sold into slavery
Shackled, drawn, cackled at and spat upon
I done no wrong, days before all of this, before being coaxed into my master’s pit, I had been sitting at home, a free man running rather haphazardly but with a life’s plan put in place
Two men took me down and fed me to the ogres, shrugged a white shoulder at my demise, ignorant and unlearned as they prised my face away from happiness, in the most ungodly of instances
What were the chances, one in a million, supposedly so, I ticked all of the boxes, never, ever did I believe that one man can be so pained for something so insignificant as to sport an Afro
Doing a lot more than merely dipping a toe into bravery, a characteristic this time built on the unjust, unforgivably unsound foundations of slavery
With no place to go, working like unashamed negros for our supper, no room for complacency, never before had my brothers and sisters respected a free-flow of water out there in the real world so much, seems for this to really work we needed to be taken right out of touch, in order for us to truly understand the meaning of thirst
A mind caught in utter turmoil, trying to find a place if only for a moment, be it listening to a soft bird’s tweet in the morning, or focusing undivided attention on our soiled and trodden feet
We trained our mind until one day, we could only pray they might find us