Piano/handed perfection, in a MOST rhythmic inSTANCE of overall delicate and naturally sweet talent / yeah, she did, indeed, APPEAR to have it ALL, and ALL-OF-THE piano/handed TIME: taking her ticker-tape parade MinD

To that exact same (IN)sanely suggestive pl(ace) of obviously EQUALLY brilliant people, who(HOWEVER they do t-r-y!) cannot but shuDDER to THinK.. about the sorry StAte

Of their VERY-OWN enviously enhanced sEnSe of frustrating exception… to All Of HER broken Rulz / there were NONE, in-FACT, AND ever SINce the eager-faced BEGinning, baby!

When her nimble fingers twisted and WiSheD to be:
Electrically(energetically) WINNING!!

Be a truest fool to NOT let your listening Ear… affABLY sting and string itself back to electrified Life

Whilst, all-awhile simultaneously A-D-H-E-R-I-N-G…

“So GodDAMN near, m’Dear— to kIsSInG the (surefire) surface of the reawakening SuN – sometimes/ NEVER (not) ALL OF IT, THOUGH.

She searches for perfection inside all of these creatively cantankerous C-r—-a-c—-k-s, if we had to ever ask

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