The rascals were behaving as though the world were – an alkaloid aphrodisiac oyster, neither of it theirs

It speaks soon as it is listened too, and then they will swoop on in

Idaho, I dunno… puppet-showing

And desiring the things that they did not deserve to have to handle
Never could, would, naturally proceed as they might have violently wished for it to be – addicted to utter complete chaos – the mild to wild-child and back to the bothersome basics again

Perilled and decidedly pent-up within a scramming, scamming, scrambling imagination opening itself on up to nowhere special, really

When a non-stop rally of constant noise occurring on up inside of their monstrous minds fails at catching ambiguous kite

These sneering whispering imbeciles who crawl about their knees for immaculate industry – multi-poisonous with skipping, tip-toeing lips
A hopscotched portal to next-to-nowhere

Daddy’s fondly recalled smack across the heathen head, no time for religion

Albeit terrific, the amount of refuelled alcohol concoction, a sting to begin marvellously within a Beaujolais glass of daftly awry liquid and here they stand right about now

How’s about they welcome themselves into the brand bland and lavish New World Disorderly
Wandering layabouts who shall undoubtedly amount
To. Next. To. Nothing.

While swearing to themselves that they are exceptionally intelligent – this superiority complex of theirs has all of it been an age-old archaic thing of hellish impertinence

 This perilous punishment inflicted upon oneself as an outward expression of repentance for godawful wrong-doing – handsome heartthrobs who carry with them a territorial imprisonment midst their number-one swansong
Wouldn’t be a problem unless they were everyone else’s problem as it were …
Ugly, ugly tug-of-war, between deft brilliance and outright juvenile relinquish
Desiring the things that they haven’t yet been

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