Where ever were you soon as we drew you into immaculate place – these flamboyant multi-colours no such trouble whatsoever when it came a pristine time to paint your wicker-work face in rapturous accordance – please, let it shine like never before, and try your very best to drop the cloak and dagger, perhaps
No lapse in a natural freeze-frame attitude
The taste never so mesmerising in all of its livelong life, your hobo-chic dread-locked hair carries with it an altogether bespoke flair
Soaked and dripped in all too equipped pretty artistic procedure – my constant fixture of rather affable sorts
These teensy and altogether meticulously awash paintbrushes my particularly peculiar swords, not a single word necessary
Then there came the intimate albeit monstrously lavish exhibition, these equally exhilarated audiences’ faces getting to touch that aforementioned taste for themselves – soon as you all too literally drew a crowd from these otherwise doom-filled clouds of utter despair – poorly replicated paintings problematically caressed into shameless distaste
As I say, the flair just needed to be a whole lot otherworldly
And breathe…

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