He seems to be this seismic thing indeed and we will watch him make a mammoth difference amidst this, his undeniably at large under-indulgence – because, put plain and outright simple, he’s been away and missing in atrocious action

She watches him every other day, and wanders along, attempting to smother him with early love, strutting to the point of undoubted perfection midst this high-heeled incision of adorably stood upright her, which places a hole in the side of his broken and choked again heart either way going miserly forth

Holding on to all that he can, making the mammoth mistake even if these ghostly people cannot quite take to break themselves to see it – this is a rather nice and marvelled-at mind, yet find the time he has yet to wholesomely unearth

Truth is, he hurts when you are laughing amid his plain outright unexplainably agonised pain – a jester who cannot quite amount to anything within, an interruption too barbaric by all unknown of accords

And all he will ever wish to do is to place his rag ‘n’ torn worn shoe upon your other foot, for a mere second for you to be coloured by these infatuated aside detrimentally lambasted moments, soaked in utter non-entity glory

He really is just about a three-percent version of he – all that he may ever get to know of

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