The tweaking of a brand new and burning muscle, the push throughout copious amounts of anointed pains, moments multiplied and self-vilified by a downright lousy layabout artist who
shall decide for themselves amidst dilapidating whisky to take himself “generously” away. A preordained, excellently unruly place wherein, namely, this elevated building which ceaselessly hiccups its floundering feet to the erstwhile drumroll beat…
Of the thirst-arisen universe and its wildly expressive re-entry – called the wondrously wicked weight of seriously inept yet argumentatively working-class weather, perhaps?
Namely, insanely, aside muddy waters which run both rise way back down below
Rolls both riles of its own angry-faced accreditation
And mildly entertaining to see for these shy little silly people who sleep in glass-ship houses all of their homogenized own. Motherfucking nemesis prone to nothing else but for Sunshine Skies and Early, Eager A.m. Breakfast-Times staring in the lonely eyes of the next great and deliciously both delicately dilapidated line
Of well paid, nakedly (in-)expressive prostitutes, who pay for their sin-fuelled meals by the size of his predatory “PLEEEASE!!!”
And the soft sweet stinging cigarette burns whilst she turns to earn it all (over again)

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