Israeli wildflower watchtower over the whole of her wholesome being, pl-ease – how’s about these succinctly eager, color-coordinated people begin to magnificently magnify and blur the micro-manageable line created by roundabout resolute racism this one mere tumultuous time
Even if, it still insists upon its plagiarised persistence – crab-apple eyes, paramilitary delight
Her periphery speaks with the darkest of days
And her neatly curled, seriously idyllic, blonde bombshell hairline cuts to care and right by the gloriously curved bind of her beautifully resolute being
Which begins to beg itself time, time again… ’til letting itself sufficiently fall, fall down right by the bare-naked guise of our eager-ache sides whilst
The crack AND SHAKE AND THE THISTLE AND THORN OF THE HOLY SHUDDER of the bombastically re-arisen morning-time imprisonment starts to finally, inevitably, fair invitingly anoint us all the manly kind put inescapably up upon this Earth whilst pressed justifiably against a slippery-slope ladder to next
To nowhere all that extremely special anymore – her heavily varnished eye-line appears to brazenly be
Glimmered within The exactitude hero with the ten-thousand faces – you see, we are all born naked and, people freeze, the rest is all ten-thousand pieces of dutiful drag on acid
Remember, hers is the delicious chat filled with wisdom and sense again
This horizontally speaking, sophomore horizon of sugar-coated, denizen-ed demise dangled intricately amidst an uttermost copiously innumerable degree of inner-ward stressed which will continually curdle her colossal breaths ’til vacuously filled with ferocious fear
Perched deathsomely within this plagiarised place of bare-knuckled feminine annihilation amidst
These spread-wire boxer-bouts of widesheet freedom which carries itself carelessly with them this snide-piper egotism for their savoured best-friend
He will be the one who penetrates her affable nature by the ending
With his trusted bullet purposely re-arisen and gilded in makeshift gold
To color-coat all of man’s lies – – – Yes, there is a rat inside of her favourite micro-manageable mind… and a piece of stinky Swizz cheese unseasonably stiffening itself inner-within her least favourite kitchenette
BACK TO BASICS, BABY FEATURES… pl-ease turn it on once again and speak to earn the other cheek