A completely effervescent and sparkling availability that can call cause for uttermost enthusiasm when pitted itself against
ComfortableCreation, and it will need to be met with an angry eagerness only ever to be meaningfully matched by an onslaught of solidified and seriously hectic-spaced cohesion
That commonplace conscientious feeling that EVERYthing had to have been a rip-roaring entitlement of jaded, tired, tired-and-tested concentration, perhaps!?
An especially arresting artist that can and solvently shall … manage at maniacally amounting amidst an intoxicating level of endearingly supernatural procrastination
“YESSIR!!!” She says it with universally acclaimed gusto this particular pain-staking time on Earth: A neanderthal nod lent itself nervously towardThat emotionally upper-class feeling of both far away and far-reaching levels of loveless intent
When it gently presses itself generouslyAgainst…
That aforementioned artistAnd their pitiful and impasse over-indulgences –Namely, nothing but bare naked Whisky

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