BrEAk thEsE bOrdErs plEAsE – mAkE thEm mAkE sEnsE Of thEmsElvEs jUst thIs OnE tImE (On hIgh EArth, plEEEEEEAsE)
OffIcIAlly AsIde AlmIghtIly (INCuMBeNT And) sIdEwIndIng – And It AppEArs tO mAkE mAmmOth sEnsE sOmE tImEs sO sOOn As WhEn. .. … …. thE stErEOtypIcAl shOE Is prIstInEly slIppEd AtOp Of AnOthEr prEtty fOOt

She is/appears to be a foolish, try-hArd INDIVIDUAL fOr fOOlhArdy love, IndEEd
No deed great nor good enough fOr hEr (Any more)

TOUgh And dEsIrAbly OUt-Of-tOUch wIth (A) rOmAntIcAlly InfAtUAtEd REAlItY =

aS Me(?) perhaps – PlainSailing in sOmEbOdy ElsE’s hIghwIrEd brAIn/drEAms/oof/daydrinkin’ atop the terrace of her sweet dimpled derrière. ..