Far-reaching, tremendous people

Poised and barking terriers wrangled by a misinformed, mysterious system
Simply unsettled individuals who care for nothing else but for candidly correct creation aside conscientious foresight

Undeniably comfortable within their own righteous realm of bombastic creation and making it all up whilst they go along – brave-faced and barbarically reckless indeed they may well appear to be

Roundabout-on-song, forever all kinds of painfully wrong only forever attempting at constant will

To go on, either way nocturnally vilified by this persnickety lifestyle of stinging lethargy aside utter malfunction

Wound-up words land themselves scintillatingly atop of – as unstoppable, lip-caressing weapons of their own dastard-handed choice

Bruised ‘n battered and breaking the wail of the bargaining line till everything begins to make unanimous sense if its tethered self and for one first tantalised time – from under- to over-qualified

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