He had her in his arms but he just needed to know nonetheless
What the hell was going on
If she had, in fact, been playing away from home
Or if this was all just one lonesome mind-game that she and her particular ladies-in-waiting liked to play
There were three of them, all insatiable and hungry as hell when it came to the matter of men
He just did not know if this was anything at all, his very own self-deprecating mind-game perhaps?
The early-morning lapse in concentration on her part exactly what sent him into a male version of the monthly menstruation cycle
Where had she been, doing what, who with!?
Never enough questions to settle his wits
Then one morning, she opened up her purse strings, showed him the money that she had been saving, all in aid of purchasing him a ring and proposing
He smiled a ferociously mile wide
Told her that he finally felt relaxed, that he took all of the arguments back
But what she failed to recognise, so much as divulge, was the bear, ahem, bare fact she had been sleeping with half of her neighbourhood so as to keep this relationship on the right track

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