The panic took hold like never before, slumped against the wall, unable to place out a hand and reach for that inescapable front door
Handle on things disappeared a long time ago, sweat pouring every which way
Like an old garden-hose – holed, entirely disposed of
Posing a real problem, looking, longing, for that reprieve
Stolen away oh so suddenly
Back in the day
My cranium thief-in-the-night, spritely, utterly unlike me
Chalk and cheese
Bored off my brain
Pleasing on the eye, perhaps
Ironically really, seeing as it was all owing to enough mid-morning, mid-evening, mid-everything naps to beat the band
Of brothers in tow, resolutely unsure as of what to do
Chew me up and spit me out!
I drew my breath a thousand times before, and still that door feels a million miles off
Desperate to shake this horrifically soft undertone
For me, not them
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