There’s talent, then there is TALENT, and Art & Crafter Mick Minogue definitely comes out the safer side of things and all the bolder for it. There are, of course, a hundred-and-one other job titles that this boy-wonder is all too prepared to creatively cater to, but this shout-out, rant, whichever you might like to call it, would undoubtedly turn into no more than a delightful albeit bulletpointed smorgasbord of outrageous delicacies if I were to even begin to start reeling off his epic list of achievements, C.V. fillers to date. While Mick has been plying his trait in Dublin as well as further afield, much further afield in many cases, these past few years – he hails from the artistic womb of Ireland that is Kilkenny – it was his rather special, not to mention insightful and intricately impressive Ode to one of his closest pals in Paddy Dunne, a graphic designer based all the way over in London town, which really went about inviting this person into his (and Paddy’s world). Often artists who carry about the weight that having that little bit extra special can unfairly afford them are left, ahem, waiting in the wings for quite awhile before their craft reaches a point where it can’t but be plaudited by all and sundry, and if the rule of thumb that you can only ever call yourself a real artist once you’ve clocked up ten-thousand hours of painstaking, maniacal commitment to the entirety of your cause, then that smorgasbord he began setting alight from day one shows just how seasoned he really is. He cannot be ignored. When I think of Mick Minogue I don’t imagine him taking too much time to himself – of course there are those hours upon hours of alone time when it comes to what the crazy workings of this man’s imagination puts him through at the studio, or wherever it is he does his thing; heck, for all I know he usurps his time perfectly by drawing in his sleep too, why waste all of that time!? – but what I mean is down-time, time to absolutely relax the kacks. I get the sincerest feeling that for this man-child (a compliment because it works when you’re an artist because artists are the real Peter-Pans of this world) down-time, if even as much as touched upon, may just turn out to mean exactly what is says on the tin, he needing to keep his mind from the gutter, his motor, or motors (this fella really ain’t the norm) forever flowing. His pieces really do need to be seen to be believed, a statement that will finally make a whole lot more sense to alot of you. Seriously, if you are going to do anything new this year, then make it your mission to invite Mick into your world. You won’t regret it, not one Goddamn bit. Get ready for blast-off, a mind massage to the last. Know the way most people say they flew the coop; well, Mick drew the coop, drew everything else around it and the rest only as soon as he was able to pick things up. His brain’s an unnatural storyboard to which he can’t help but keep adding to bit by bit. It really is what films are made of. Bide your time, dear boy.

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